Monday, 30 January 2012

Interview: Jacquemus

" I imagined the story of a lonely women, tired of men, who dedicates her life to dogs." - Simon Porte Jacquemus on his new collection, Le Chenil.

Go and take a look at my recent interview with Simon Porte Jacquemus for a new series of posts I'm doing on young designers and their studios over at Novembre Magazine's blog!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Photoshoot: New York 1962: Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey

You just can't beat the Sixties for good old fashioned style, can you? These shots of Jean Shrimpton taken by David Bailey for Vogue in 1962 encapsulate everything that the decade came to stand for, marking the dawn of a new era in photography and fashion as well as changing the face of class structure and sexual politics for good. Bailey and Shrimpton defied Vogue Fashion Editor Lady Clare Rendlesham, shooting mid-range (yet oh-so-chic) clothes in the grittier parts of Manhattan, with Jean doing her own hair and makeup. The shoot has been immortalised in a one off BBC drama We'll Take Manhattan, available to watch here on BBC iPlayer.