Wednesday, 3 March 2010


The Harvest. Film trailer. from LOVER® on Vimeo

I woke up today to sunlight streaming through my window and the smell of spring in the air. Seeing the trailer for Lover's up and coming 'Harvest' collection only reaffirmed this. The video is part 1970's David Hamilton photograph, part Madmen flashback. I especially adore the ethereal lace dresses, worn with socks and the camel coloured jumper worn with leather braces, perfect for early spring when there's still a slight nip in the air. I have been following Lover for a few years now, and always await each collection with anticipation. The creators of Lover, Nice Briand and Susien Chong, are just perfect too, citing influences from photographer Kenshu Shintsubo to Picnic At Hanging Rock and creating collections reminiscent of whimsical femininity and rose-tinted romance to be worn by Lula girls the world over.

(Images from Turned Out & Lover's Blog)


  1. i adore that blue dress that alexa is wearing! xx

  2. Pretty pictures! thanks for sharing!

  3. i have given you an award on my blog :) xxx

  4. I am loving the blue dresses.. so cute..


  5. hi,
    I really enjoyed this post it has been marked as one of my favourite reads for last week. great images! I made a link to this post.