Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Une Fille Un Style

So, is it me or is every issue of Vogue on the lead up to summer telling us that we should be wearing all things florals? Right now, as the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, my springtime fashion inspiration is coming from the androgynous, yet inherently chic looks of inspirational and individual women like Garance Doré, Katherine Hepburn and Yasmin Sewell. Maybe it's my obsession with my new boy fit jeans talking, but I'm noticing a transition in my style to a more grown up and less girlish feel. Even better, the look is born entirely out of classic basics that everyone has in their wardrobes - a pair of boyish denim jeans, breton tops, chic (preferably Chanel!) ballet flats and navy blazers. Just throw on with insouciance and you're good to go!

Garance is a master at wearing boyish cut clothes put together in a feminine way. If you haven't already, take a look at her blog for photographs of a vast array of stylish women, lovely illustrations and quirky dialogue, it's one of my must reads.

(Photographs from The Sartorialist & Garance Doré)


  1. Such cute photos, great selection xox


  2. HI! I noticed you commented on the Jak & Jill blog! http://jakandjil.com/blog/?p=4248
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  3. Garance is very chic! Love her style!

  4. I like Garance's style too, very timeless.

  5. You're absolutely right, Garance sure know how to dress boy-style but still look super feminine!

  6. I also tend to dress more manly lately.

  7. She definitely uses menswear-inspired items to her advantage! Gorgeous!


  8. She's so cute! I love how she doesn't take herself so seriously.