Monday, 28 June 2010

The Black Swan Effect

I have been following Valeria Picerno's work since 2007 via her flickr and am always in awe of her next photograph. I recently stumbled upon an interview with her on toomuchchocolate and have since been trawling her archives rediscovering her raw talent for capturing a moments of simultaneous light and dark. She was also photographed by the Sartorialist which makes me fall in love with her a little more!

Which photographers are inspiring you at the moment?

The black swan is the idea that something is very unique, completely unpredictable, that is considered almost impossible. So I like the idea of putting together things that are not really connected to each other and creating a new thing, a little new world. - Valeria Picerno

(all photographs by Valeria Picerno from the black swan archives)


  1. J'aime beaucoup ton blog ! :)
    Super photos ! ! :)
    & j'aime beaucoup ta sélection des post précédents, particulièrement pour Emmanuelle Alt ! :)

  2. there's an award for you on my last post x

  3. I love your blogspot ! :)

    Bisous !



  4. Oh, this is great. There's a soft spot, a memory in fact, about a black swan moment. Must reblog.