Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Essentials

Essentials #1 - The Trench Coat
I am on a life long quest to pick up the perfect charity shop Burberry Trench. Whenever I discover a new Vintage shop, the first thing I do is scour the rails for the Trench coats. Double breasted, slim fitting and finding just the right shade of beige are a few things that are, for me, key. Looks perfect with cropped denim jeans, repetto flats and a breton top.

Essentials #2 - A pair of trusty Brogues
There's nothing like the juxtaposition of a pair of men's brogues against a floral dress. It's that old age trick of androgyny: to have that one masculine element which sets off an otherwise perfectly feminine look. A pair of Church's would be my dream buy, but due to being 1,000 ft tall, my feet are a whopping size 42 and I don't want to stray into clumsy feet territory!

Essentials #3 - An understated, practical leather bag
Bags are one of those items you can really afford to splurge on (along with the perfect coat) - good quality leather only gets better with age and wear. Case in point; my mum's old mulberry binocular bag which must be the same age as me! Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton's exquisite example sadly takes splurging to a whole new level... I can but dream!

(Images from Jak & Jill)


  1. Great post! I would love to have a new leather bag, the SC would be perfect but indeed, a little too expensive.

  2. Three well thought-out essentials. I like how you go into detail about each of them. I love the look of brogues, but I know exactly what you mean about clumsy feet territory. I stick to jazz shoes for the boy-ish touch.

    There are lots of great leather day bags out there - the hard part is actually sticking to one!

  3. those pictures are amazing! love the style. if you are ever looking for vintage clothing please come and check out our store!



  4. My list of essentials is the same, only the order is different. :)

  5. ooh love it! i got myself some great new brogues as well 2 weeks ago, only in shiny gorgeous patent leather :)


  6. I love your blog. So chic. The oxford shoes are so in right now. I've looked everywhere for them, and actually chose a pair that are brown with bows. I'll post pics on my blog.


    Follow me, follow you


  7. great brogues! love the way you have photographed them

  8. I would be LOST without my trench coats. I wear one at least once a week even in the summer. Beige looks sickly on me, so my staple is a black DB trench. I get a lot of snide comments for wearing it (never from anyone well dressed), but I know it looks good on me so it's just water off the back.

  9. these are the perfect practicals.
    still holding out for the sophia bag to complete the trifecta!

  10. I love the oxfords! I'm looking for a pair now, those may be it! Check out my new photo essay, just beginning the posts today! I'd love a follow,


  11. Looking forward to new updates from you, it's been awhile :)

  12. I recently found the almost-perfect burberry trench at a flea market in Paris. Slim fitting arms, nice colour, just a bit too long! It's being taken up now :)
    My day-to-day bag is a Mulberry, too :) Excellent choices!

  13. i used some of these in a post too, describing the essentials, also including the white shirt and the trousers.
    your blog is inspiring!