Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Over the past few years, we have witnessed the monumental influence bloggers have had on the fashion community. Having just reached my one year blogging anniversary I got to thinking about what blogging means and where it will lead fashion to in the future.

Recently I have found myself addicted to blogs such as The Coveted, Into The Gloss, The Selby & Closet Visit which all offer a behind-the-scenes insight into the lives of the fashion crowd, whether the focus be on the inner workings of their wardrobes, make-up bags or apartments. These blogs essentially serve as platforms which allow the viewer to discover the (most probably artificially constructed) world of the 'other' i.e. the fashion insider we all, myself included, long to emulate. It is the ability to tap into this sense of romance and mystery that is, for me, what makes the blogger powerful in the world of fashion. However, this voyeurism, so intrinsic to the concept of blogging is nothing we fashion followers haven't seen before. Indeed, in the days long before blogs existed, I always found myself drawn to features such as the Closet Confidential in Elle UK and Une Fille Un Style in Paris Vogue, longing to see what my style icons wore and were inspired by. For me, despite the blog’s ability to provide instant gratification, it will never come close to the pleasure of spending my last five euro note on a copy of Vogue and the subsequent excitement that comes with pondering which stylish ingénue’s wardrobe I’ll be able to snoop around that evening.

What sort of blogs do you enjoy reading? And what are your favourite magazine features?

edit: Have just discovered this wonderful project - Where They Create - basically The Selby but solely for creative work spaces. Well worth a look.

(photograph by Ana Kraš)


  1. Your selection is truly excellent!

    I always enjoy reading the Ageless Style from British Vogue every June/July, featuring the wardrobe staples and favourite pieces of stylish women from 20s to the 80s.


  2. I like such features too - I've been loving the Closet Visits series by Jeana Sohn -

    It feels more real and unexpected compared to the glamour of The Coveted, and there's a bit more personality too. And of course I've always liked The Selby.

    I like the Ageless Style series mentioned by K too.

    I like blogs where I feel a greater sense of understanding about what the person likes - it's not just about pretty outfit posts, but also that person's point of view and experiences.

  3. I'd add Style Like U to the list.
    I guess I like to be a Peeping Tom too :) Une Fille Un Style was and is my favorite feature ever! :)

  4. If you want to be a Peeping Tom my love, check my wardrobe post! x

  5. i miss ellegirl. they had a feature on cool bedrooms, was amazing! how you doing my dear?? how was patti? xx

  6. it's true that in a way we feel closer of their style and we better understand who they are and their vision of fashion. and sometimes it helps us to find our own style.
    Anyway it's right that it's a form of voyeurism... and unfortunately I believe that is why I love thoose blogs.

  7. coming from a cultural perspective, i think the fascination with the behind-the-scenes glamour has always been there, but as you mention, the new media/blog platform has made it all the more immediate and virtually accessible. i think the best forms of blogging involve a way of sharing, so it's interactive as opposed to a more passive sort of voyeurism.

    i really like the 'what's in your bag' features in Harper's Bazaar and of course all over blogs and youtube. i just think it's so fun to see what other women carry with them - i can't seem to get enough of it! :)

    by the way, very nice blog! xo miss sophie

  8. I enjoy Style Like U and Closet Visit, and going further back I was of the MTV Cribs generation. So I always remember Mariah Carey's especially. I used to have video clips saved of it.

    -ps. if you haven't read this, you might want to

  9. I enjoy reading blogs written by people with whom I share interests, in style as well as art and life in general. I love seeing people's pictures, and reading their thoughts. But I think often that the blogs one really loves, and visits daily, consist of some type of admiration for the person behind it.. Kind of like when you watch a film just because you adore the main actress.

  10. love the light, ther are more in paris restaurant : nanishi, if one you came in paris...

  11. Carine: I actually went to a Bonbon lamp making work shop with Ana and the lamps we made are the ones hung in Nanashi!

  12. i'm only at the first page, but i already really like your blog!