Friday, 7 January 2011

Une femme est une femme

Whenever I am in a style rut, one thing never ceases to inspire me: the sixties. This decade wholly encompasses that perfect balance of elegance and Lolita that is ever-present in my style. It that signifies both independence and emancipation, whilst at the same time being alluring in a way no other style of any other decade achieves. Yesterday I watched Godard's Une Femme est Une Femme and was once again stuck by Anna Karina's coquettish yet chic way of dressing which to me epitomises what is missing in fashion today. It's that unassuming sexiness which French women do so well, the antithesis of 'in your face' dressing. Today I'm wearing a tartan skirt, knitted cardigan, black opaques & my trusty penny loafers in homage to a true style icon! All finished off with a smattering of liquid eyeliner and my hair in a chignon.

(Images from the fashion spot)


  1. the sixties is my ultimate decade, although that may be because i'm a bit of a hippy at heart! [stirs lentil soup]

    i think it's the mini skirts and hair for me. and how polished they always look; i'm eternally a bit rough around the edges. your outfit today sounds perfect!

  2. You should watch all the movies by Godard, I love the dressing in every movie. Seriously.

    And to answer your question on my blog: I'll be travelling with two friends, but they'll leave after a couple of days, and then my parents and sister will be coming to Paris and I'll be staying at my uncle's place (I have family in Paris, hence the yearly trips). We should gather some people and meet up in Paris! :-D What do you think?

  3. I used to be a real sixites girl, with the make-up and the dresses, but I realized I looked like a little girl but I was 20+. I still wish I could pull it of, but I think I'll have to wait for my baby face to disappear first.

  4. I love sixties style, but soon realised it wasn't a food look on me. But that polished, girlish look is always at the back of my head.

  5. I watched Une Femme est Une Femme a few days ago,too! Anna Karina is wonderful in it! Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to watch Pierrot le Fou:)

  6. so very precious! love it :)

  7. One of my favorite films! Everytime I watch it, I'm tempted to buy red tights. But I'd just look like an idiot in them.

    ("Vivre sa vie" is also fabulous!)

    Nice blog! I too studied art history in Paris as a twenty year old, and I too lived in the 14th! How I miss it so...

  8. I adore Anna Karina's ye-ye style in Godard's movies. She always looks so impeccable and sweet!
    Great film choice!