Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Beauty Product: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

When it comes to matters of beauty I have a confession to make: I have a morbid fear of looking matte. Call it a reaction to growing up in the Spice Girls era where fake tan and lip liner reigned, but to me there's nothing worse than that caked on, one dimensional look; layer upon layer of foundation disguising the natural luminosity of the skin. I'm all for the transformative power of makeup but the vast majority of people really don't need full coverage. That said there's a very fine between having naturally dewy skin and just looking plain greasy. That's where RMS Beauty's 100% organic Living Luminizer comes in. Applied to the browbone, the cupid's bow, and across the cheekbones, this mineral highlighter creates a subtle sheen minus the sparkle and shimmer of other products in the same category. Skin appears fresh, healthy and glowing, and, most importantly, not at all shiny. A must have for the matte-averse among us!

RMS Beauty is available to purchase from organic skincare store Being Content & Cult Beauty

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